These days everyone is talking about “The Cloud” – storing, sending, saving and accessing computer data that sits somewhere in a cloud.

But what is “The Cloud” and how can you benefit from it?

Put simply, cloud computing is computing that’s done via the internet. Where once businesses manually downloaded software to run programs on individual computers or in-house servers, today, cloud computing allows access to those same programs over the internet. This means no more costly manual updates, and all company data that was once stored in-house is now transferred to remote servers, hosted by a third party provider and safely stored in “The Cloud” on your behalf.

How can your business benefit?

Moving onto the cloud is about increasing your business efficiency.

The main benefits include:

Secure data storage – there is heavy investment in cloud security – often more than in-house management, reducing risk;

Cost savings – mainly from reduced hardware, software and IT maintenance costs;

Time savings – automatic updates, no manual installations or upgrades to worry about;

Scalability – extra server space can be bought quickly and easily to meet business demand.

How Cloud CFO can help

At Cloud CFO, we’re cloud accounting specialists and pretty passionate about what we do. We can set you up instantly and guide you on one of our preferred cloud accounting software systems:cloud software

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