7 Reasons Why NetSuite is an Irresistible Software Option For Your Growing Business

7 Reasons Why NetSuite is an Irresistible Software Option For Your Growing Business

Many rapidly growing businesses struggle with creating the infrastructure and reporting to support rapid growth. They start out with small business accounting solutions like Xero or Quickbooks, then they look for a CRM to manage their database of contacts and opportunities, and so it goes on… The demands of growth steadily lead to a series of specialised systems that result in employees wasting time in duplicating data and transferring information from one system to another just when optimal productivity, information streams, and data management are most needed.

As your business starts to expand, and growth accelerates, I encourage my clients to look at NetSuite, rather than adding individual software applications that either operate in complete isolation, or need to be integrated with one another. Many applications can be coaxed to talk to each other, but these integrations are often either clumsy, or expensive to implement.

NetSuite is a global industry leader in cloud-based business management software that provides a stable platform on which all your business management and reporting needs can be met.

Here are 7 reasons why NetSuite is an irresistible option:-

  1. Fully Integrated Software Solution: NetSuite has modules to meet all your business software system needs for every department and ensures that there is no need for duplicate data-entry saving time and improving productivity.
  2. #1 Cloud-Based System Worldwide: NetSuite is a forward-thinking company that envisaged the possibilities of cloud-based software before it was a mainstream concept. In today’s increasingly mobile world where businesses operate out of multiple locations, their stable cloud-based platform provides the security and access growing companies need.
  3. Eliminate IT Maintenance Costs: NetSuite offers an effective solution that is extremely cost-effective and eliminates the need for expensive on-site servers which need to be constantly maintained and upgraded.
  4. Scalable Software that Grows With Your Business:  As your business management and reporting needs expand you can add extra modules to meet every need. The NetSuite ERP includes robust accounting, CRM, inventory management, reporting and more. This is one system your business will not outgrow.
  5. Real-Time Business Intelligence: Know what is going on in every aspect of your business at any time, from any location. Your customisable analytics dashboard shows you what you need to know 24/7.
  6. Suitable for Most Industries: NetSuite is widely used in manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, not-for-profit, and e-commerce companies.
  7. Affordable Enterprise-Level Software: NetSuite was built for growing enterprises, not small business, so it’s designed with your future expansion in mind, but is extremely affordable given it’s comprehensive features, and impressive performance.

Before you invest in any more software to meet the needs of your growing business, you owe it to yourself to check out NetSuite and explore its features. The stability, integration, and customisation it offers is surprisingly affordable making it one of those decisions you won’t regret.

Why have 5 different software platforms, when you could have just one?

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