Start-Ups; Coffee and Co-Working Spaces

Start-Ups; Coffee and Co-Working Spaces

It’s been 5 years since Cloud CFO was established and today we embark on the next chapter in our journey. Since its early days until now we have helped close to 100 small to medium businesses along their journeys to success.

You’re probably asking what has changed and why we are changing. I see it as a transformation of what the business has become over time. Over the last 5 years our customers have morphed into 3 key sectors. Start Ups; Creative or Digital agency’s and NetSuite businesses. On top of this these are the areas we have a deep passion for. As we move towards 2019 and beyond we will continue to master our expertise and help these businesses grow.

More about the new logo: on the surface you can see the “CFO” but if you look a little closer you will notice the logo resembles a safe. The reason behind this is that we are our customers’ trusted advisors. We hold their finances, the one thing that is most important to their business, safe and secure. We understand first hand that asking someone to manage your business finances is a difficult decision. However, when you find someone you can trust, you can rest assured that they will manage it as if its their own. That’s who we are and what we do at Cloud CFO.

As you have read through this blog you are probably wondering how Start Ups; Coffee and Co Working Spaces fit into our story. Why not watch our short video which sets all that in context.

All this would not have come to life without my incredible and talented outsourced marketing team comprising of TBM Marketing; DesignbyDana; Whiteblack Digital; Angrychair and Kit Haselden Photography. You guys rock! #crushingit

Finally I want to thank my wife, two boys and my family for all their support to date. All this would not have been possible without your belief in me.


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