Is your business on track to outgrow Xero. JCurve has the solution.

Is your business on track to outgrow Xero. JCurve has the solution.

We’re used to hearing about the next best solution for everything. Software companies come and go and the latest solution starts to lose its edge. Xero is one of the fastest growing, most popular and most powerful cloud-based financial solution for small-business. I don’t anticipate that that will change anytime in the foreseeable future – in fact, I think they will grow faster and expand into new markets because they have such a powerful solution and such a customer-centric attitude.

After all, Xero presents a great solution for small business and those who use it love it. So why would you ever want to change?

The question isn’t, “When will Xero cease to be the best small-business financial solution?” the real question is, “When will your business outgrow Xero?”

An overall characteristic of Xero is that it gives business owners such a clear view of their financials that they are able to make the decisions that enable their business to grow faster… and eventually that means that they are no longer the small business, which Xero is designed to serve.

It’s a good problem to have, isn’t it?

What are the Signs My Business has Outgrown Xero?

1. You are generating more invoices, purchase bills, banking transactions, contacts, and inventory items than Xero recommends. Xero has system limits of 1,000 sales invoices (Accounts Receivables) and 1,000 Purchases bills (Accounts Payables) along with approximately 2,000 banking transactions per month, 10,000 contacts and 4,000 tracked inventory items. You can make it work with higher limits than this, but the performance of some features and reports may be diminished. See the Xero Developer forum for more information; OR
2. You have a large number of add-ons due to your growing business and it is a challenge to keep them all talking to each other.

Congratulations! These are good problems to have as this mean that your business is growing. Sadly, it means that you need to look for a new financial solution because you’ve already seen how the quality of your financial solution drives your business growth.

What Kind of Solutions Should I Explore When I’ve Outgrown Xero?

Let’s start by assessing what you love about Xero so you can evaluate your options: –
• Cloud-based: access your financials anywhere 24/7;
• Updates automatically: no need to download software updates;
• Team-centric: can be accessed and updated by authorised team members;
• Centralised database for inventory, invoices, purchases, contacts etc;
• Real-time analytics with easily accessible key performance indicators:
• Multiple currency conversion;
• Generates useable reports from existing data quickly and easily;
• Compares budgeted and actual figures;
• ’Talks’ to third party business software via add-ons;
• Easy to learn and use once it’s set up properly.

There are other options which do many of these things, but just as Xero is the Gold Standard for small business financial software, there’s one company that really offers growing business all the same features: and that is JCurve (Powered by NetSuite).

Take a Look at Emma & Tom’s who made the Transition to JCurve!
Founded in 2004, Emma and Tom’s is one of Australia’s fast growing businesses famous for it’s fresh, healthy juices and snacks; environmental responsibility; and social involvement.

Their business grew in complexity and profitability so they needed to look for a new solution as their requirements had outgrown their existing financial system.

As soon as they were introduced to JCurve they realised it was the solution that combined all their must-have features together with the power and scalability they needed to support their existing growth and that it would expand to meet their ambitious future demands.

Once they had implemented JCurve they immediately noticed many additional benefits including:
• Greater speed and simplicity because there were fewer systems needing to talk to each other;
• Improved inventory control and visibility;
• Unlimited contacts, inventory, and purchase bills;
• Integrated CRM making it easier to manage sales, suppliers, and pipelines seamlessly;
• Fully customisable dashboards to manage KPIs;
• Greater productivity because all their systems were in a single place;
• Automated reporting for real-time business intelligence;
• PLUS… all the features they were used to enjoying!

You can read more about their story here.

Why JCurve? … All the Features You Love About Xero, Designed to Facilitate Growth for Bigger Businesses

Once you reach a certain size, you will need to move on from Xero, and that can be difficult decision. Transitions like this can be challenging, costly and time-consuming, and the larger you grow, the harder they get.

That’s why JCurve is 100% scalable. It’s built on the robust NetSuite platform (the #1 global cloud ERP) to ensure that you never have to move again no matter how far or fast your business grows.

We understand how easy it is to lose momentum when you make a big change like this, which is why JCurve have developed a Rapid Implementation System to help you get up and running quickly and easily, especially if you use one of their recommended CFO partners.

Leading brands like Emma & Tom’s, KleenMaid Kitchen Appliances and AudioFly Headphones use JCurve to grow their sales faster, run their businesses more efficiently and profitable and simplify their financial operations, so if your business has outgrown (or is about to outgrow) Xero, talk to us today and discover how easy it is to switch and grow.

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