Tips to Attract Investors and Get Funding for Your Startup

Tips to Attract Investors and Get Funding for Your Startup

Despite the slowdown in venture capital globally in 2022, Australian startups continue to receive a record amount of investments, according to data released by KPMG. Overall, startup investments in the country have kept their momentum and have grown year-on-year since 2014. However, this doesn’t mean raising funds, particularly from a VC, is a breeze for startups, as it remains highly challenging. 

If you’re a founder looking to get funding for your startup, your goal must be to become a business where investors want to invest their money. What are startup investors looking for, and how can you increase your chances of raising funds? That is what we will answer in this article.

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5 Ways to Win Over Startup Investors


You must have a product/service that makes you stand out from the competitors.

Naturally, investors will take a look at what you have to offer. While your product or service doesn’t have to be unique, you should have remarkable market penetration strategies to differentiate you from your competitors. Keep in mind that investors are also looking at other companies similar to yours, so you want to provide them with evidence (or at least a plan) on how your offering will solve a problem or create a need.    

It would help if you had a clear plan of action for growth.

It’s one thing to launch your product and make your presence felt in the market; however, startup investors are also interested in how you will accelerate your business. You must demonstrate to investors how your business is on a path to profitability. They will examine your growth metrics, financial data, projections, and a definite growth plan. A proper business model is essential as this provides investors with information about your startup’s competitive advantage.

It would help if you had solid strategies for managing your finances. 

Having concrete financial strategies will better your chances of winning potential investors, as this will show how and where you will use their money. A sound financial plan will keep you focused on your path to growth, stay on budget (avoid unnecessary expenses), mitigate risks, and have proper crisis management. 

Creating solid financial strategies may seem daunting; however, you can always engage with a professional, such as a Virtual CFO, to develop a sound financial plan for your startup. The VCFO will help put in place forecasts, budgets, financial statements, and other reports, supporting you during your fundraising process and throughout your startup journey. 

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It would help if you had a strong line-up of team members.

Remember, investors aren’t only putting their money into your product or service and investing in your team. 

Having a group of passionate people rallying behind your product/service is an advantage. However, having team members who are experts in the space in which your company operates will assure your investors that you can turn your business idea into reality. 

You must have an exit strategy.

More than your brilliant idea and vision, investors want to put their money in a total package, including your exit strategy. An exit strategy mainly serves two purposes. First, it creates a roadmap for how founders can liquidate their position when they sell their startup or limit losses if the business isn’t successful. Second, an exit strategy is essential for investors because it allows them to calculate the timeline and likely rate of return on their investment.  


There is no single formula for how startups can attract the right investors. However, when you think like an investor, you can increase your likelihood of raising money. Consider how you will present your company through their point of view. Do your homework, develop a solid plan for every stage of the business, and maintain a competent team. More importantly, keep faith in what you’re doing, and you’ll eventually achieve your goals.


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